Business Day TV Features Craters and Freighters

Craters and Freighters is a domestic and international shipping expert that positions itself to provide for your business or residential shipping needs.  They offer over two decades of shipping experience in packaging, crating, and shipping just about anything to nearly anywhere.  They have locations across the country to provide one-stop service, including pick-up and delivery.

Business Day TV with Terry Bradshaw highlights how Craters and Freighters provides shipping needs for anything – from high-tech electronics to valuable artwork, or from moving a piece of furniture to moving an entire office.


Craters and Freighters offer a wide variety of packaging options to meet the needs to any shipment.  They start by offering custom interior packaging for each container they build.  Each item is packed with the appropriate amount of cushioning and other packaging material to make sure that the shipment will be secure during transit.

They also offer a wide variety of services to help with your packaging needs.  Craters and Freighters will work with your company and your product specifications to provide solutions to your packaging needs to ensure safe transport and delivery of your items.

Business Day TV on Crating

Business Day TV Show highlights that most shipping and crating companies have size and weight limitations for the items they ship.  However, that is not the case with Craters and Freighters.  Craters and Freighters offers crating solutions for anything, regardless of weight or size.  They also offer solutions for high value, heavy, fragile, or other unique items.

While Craters and Freighters does have a wide variety of standard sizes, but if your product doesn’t meet those specifications, they have a team that can build a custom crater to fit your needs.  Inside the crates, you may find everything from custom packaging, blocking, and bracing to ensure that your item arrives safe and damage-free.

Pickup & Delivery

Craters and Freighters also offer a wide variety of pickup and delivery options for their customers.  Business Day television series has highlighted in the past how difficult it can be to even get items to certain locations.  That is why Craters and Freighters offer a variety of options for their customers.   They offer pickup services at residential or business locations nationwide, and they also offer drop-off at any of their warehouses nationwide.

They can also deliver your items where ever they are needed.  For example, they offer door to port, door to business, business to residential door, and more.


Finally, if you’ve ever watched the United States Postal Service commercial on TV, you’ll hear the phrase shipping is hard.  And it can be because there are so many different shipping options.  Beyond just the packaging and crating services, Craters and Freighters also offers complete shipping services.

Within the United States, Craters and Freighters offer business-to-business, business-to-residence, and residence-to-residence domestic shipping.  However, if you need international shipping options, Craters and Freighters is one of the only shipping companies that specialize in international export shipping.  They have experts on hand to help you with all the international documentation and ensure that your items will clear customs.

And if you have something extra fragile, Craters and Freighters will ensure that your items will arrive damage-free.  They have over 20 years experience shipping a wide variety of items, including medical equipment, electronics, antiques, fine art, and more.

And if you are still concerned about the transport of your valuables, Craters and Freighters offers a variety of insurance options to ensure that you are fully protected should anything happen to your items will in transit.  This can provide peace of mind for your items while they are being shipped or transported around the world.

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