Best Paying Jobs for 2014

Highly paid careers are on the wish list of everyone. Everyone who wishes to have a high paying career must first begin by planning out their path. Here is a list of the best paying jobs for 2014.

Software Developers

With the increase in mobile technology, the software development career has taken off. Recently income in this career field has increased, and there are more open positions than before.

Software developers can work on a variety of projects. Some work to create video and computer games. Today, many software developers create mobile applications. There are a number of specialties in the software development field. In this field it is common to make in the six figures after just a few years.

Pharmacy Tech

The pharmaceutical field is one of those that will always be around as one of the major players in the medical profession. Pharmacy techs go through training and can choose between a wide range of workplaces. Many mass retailers, drugstores, and hospitals are hiring pharmacy techs on many different shifts. Most pharmacy schools spend most of their time educating on medications.  These days the pill counting is easy because there are pharmacy scales that do most of the work.  This medical field is easier to get in to than most and allows for a high salary without the long wait.


In the world of medical professions, the dental profession is often overlooked. Dentists are physicians who are typically left out of the medical equation; however, this is one of the best paying jobs of 2014. Dentists are needed in each community, and with the expansion of the healthcare system, more dentists are expected to come on board.

Dentists have an advantage by having several different options. Dentists can open their own practice with dental assistants and dental hygienists on the staff. Dentists also have the option of opening a shared practice or even working with a hospital in some cases.

Most dentists have continually increasing salaries, depending on the amount of patients they can take on. Dentists also have good job security, as people are recommended to visit the dentist at least twice a year, sometimes more.

Financial Advisor

No matter what type of economy the country is in, everyone still needs help with managing their money. Everything from retirement, to savings, to vacation funds needs to be planned out and financial advisors are just the people who can do it. Most people also make investments and need professional management for their portfolio.

The financial advisor field is projected to grow around 32 percent over the year 2014. If you are interested in math, money, and investments, this may be the field you choose.

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