Why It’s Not Bad to be Wealthy

In recent years a movement has come into popularity that split the country. It deals with wealth. Many people feel those who are wealthy – those who make millions, if not billions, a year are evil incarnate because of the accumulation of money. They feel these people have the ability to manipulate government officials to vote their way to keep taxes low, provide numerous monetary exemptions and make laws favoring them.

Some of this is probably true, as it has been for the centuries organized government has been around. Read up on the early 20th century when the Robber Barons of the U.S. attempted to make President Teddy Roosevelt agree to their terms. In that case, T.R. decided not to kowtow to the then-millionaires, breaking up their monopolies in the process. However, the amount of those “evil” millionaires is tiny in comparison to the many that are currently out there right now.

Truth be told, those who make millions or billions of dollars each year are beyond altruistic with their money. Take Bill and Melinda Gates as one example. They use their wealth to help those across the U.S. and the world, particularly in the cause of ridding the globe of malaria. And what about Oprah Winfrey? She has used her money to help build schools in Africa.

Sure, we have people like the Kardashians who seem to use their money to make themselves happy. This is an empty existence for many. A good deal of individuals with more money than they know what do with tend to make decisions to help better others, and this is why having a large sum of money is not a bad thing. Yet, you and your financially-independent young family are still wary of talking to people about this for fear of being ostracized. Here are a few things you can tell them  that might change their minds.

You have security

Not only for your young family but for when they get older and have their own families. Being debt free and teaching your children the best way to manage money is one thing. Having them not worry about upcoming expenses gives them an additional layer of safety. Especially for…


Higher education is still worth it, regardless of what some negative folks are saying these days. Wealth can help provide your children with a platform to excel in the college or university they attend. It doesn’t have to be an Ivy league college they enroll in. It’s the fact they won’t be tens of thousands of dollars in debt at the local or state college that helps them out.

You can help others

There’s only so much one person can do with their money. The rest just sits there gathering dust, so to speak. This is why many millionaires and billionaires turn to charities, their own or others, to utilize the wealth they were blessed with. You can do the same thing as well, to a lesser extent. Look around your town or state for any non-profit organizations you were always interested in donating to.

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