The (Almost) Free Way to Live

A well-worn phrase says that nothing in life is free. Taking this literary, even the air you and your young family breathe costs money. Of course, this is a bogus statement, because there are plenty of things out there that don’t cost any money. Or, to be more specific, may cost very little money for a bigger investment.

Don’t trust what we’re saying? All right, let’s take this blog for example. We don’t charge anything for you to read all the financial advice on it like other sites with a pay wall. And what about the cool air that comes into your house at night, allowing you to turn off electricity-burning fans and air conditioners? That’s a money saver right there! All right, we may be exaggerating a bit; however, there are a number of things that you can still get for free, or somewhere near it,┬áthat may eventually lower costs for cable, grocery and other purchases. Here are a few examples.


You won’t be able to get gas for free unless you win some sort of contest. Rather, what you can do is sign up for free cards at numerous retail locations that will allow you to gain points in exchange for reduced prices at the pump. Some warehouse stores with connected gas stations do this as well as supermarkets like Kroger and Safeway. It may feel like you don’t do anything with these cards, but the savings will eventually pile up to the point you can save up to $1 a gallon.


The┬ácustomer loyalty card mentioned above can help you get free groceries during special events. You may also be able to snag items at the store during their Buy One Get One (Two) Free sales. You’ll ending up paying the full price of one item for multiples, allowing you to stock up. Another way to get some free products is to go onto the sample sites like or Freefly. These sites offer samples of various food, household and beauty products but also point you in the direction of coupons that take off the entire cost of a certain item.


Back when the government decided we should go from an analog to digital they told the cable companies they needed to provide a basic service to those who didn’t subscribe to their product. Thus, when you plug a television cable into the wall jack, you can get feeds from the broadcast networks, both regular and HD. Should you not be interested in pay or other cable channels this options may be the best for you.

Gift Cards

Surveys. Go to sites like MySoapBox or MySurveys, put some hours into answering questions and you can earn gift cards. And these aren’t for just a few bucks. Accumulate enough points and you can get $100 gift cards to numerous retail outlets.


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