The Debt Problem: Your Financial Worries, and How to Fix Them

Everyone worries. Even the most optimistic person has worries — most likely that people think they’re too optimistic. If not careful, these worries can fill people’s heads, leaving little space to figure out how to correct their ongoing issues. You also have worries — mostly in the financial category. With a young family which seems to need more every week, your worries morph into apocalyptic scenarios where you’re all out on the street, or the bank is hammering a Foreclosure sign on your home, or one of your children needs emergency surgery or dental work. And when you review your checking account, you worry how you’ll ever get out of the mess you made when you started said young family, as now you’re in a bundle of debt.Continue Reading

Home Renovations: When to Pull the Trigger

The time and cost you are willing to spend on a home renovation should be directly tied to the reason behind said renovation. If you want to spruce up your home because you plan on living there the rest of your life then it might make sense to put on an addition to the house. However, if you are thinking about selling your house in the next year or two and only want to make it more marketable then you need to be more mindful about the renovations you undertake. Sadly, there are many renovations that only return pennies on the dollar, and unless it’s a major deterrent to selling the house you never want to spend too much money on an upgrade. Even the best upgrades won’t return 100% of your money.Continue Reading

Fixed Rate Mortgages: Don’t Gamble with Your Home

I’ve never been much of a risk-taker, I tend to gravitate toward tried and true methods for improving my personal financial situation. I have an emergency fund that has a comfortable cushion of 12 months of savings built up. I invest both pre-tax and post-tax money in retirement funds and brokerage accounts, but I earn just a little more than the rate of inflation due to the mix of equities and bonds I employ. Lastly, rates are at record lows, and refinancing seems to be a great idea, but the question is what rate makes sense?Continue Reading

Penny Pinchers: Is It Okay To Be Cheap?

Extreme Couponing and Extreme Cheapskates are two cable programs which highlight those people who attempt to squeeze every ounce out of their collected pennies – people who are cheap. In Couponing, viewers can look on with both shock and amazement as shoppers purchase $1,000 worth of products for only one dollar. In Cheapskates, viewers can watch as someone decides to start a date by eating free chips and salsa and running out on the actual meal.Continue Reading

Heat Wave: Saving Money on Warming Your Home

It’s cold, cloudy, and downright dreary outside your windows. On the horizon, the sky is the color of snow. You shiver. Not because of the cold outside. Rather, it’s due to how cold it is inside your home. You need some heat!Continue Reading

Back to the Market: More Ways to Save Money on Food

How’s food shopping going these days? A bit expensive, isn’t it? Yes, it seems everything from meat to dairy is going up in price. Even staples like canned vegetables are increasing. Some of this is due to shortages of crops and animal products. The rest is due to the business of food retail.Continue Reading