Gas or Charcoal — What’s the Best Grill for Your Money?

It’s grill season! Yes, that sentence does deserve an exclamation point, because it’s a glorious time for many young parents in the audience. It’s a time to clean off the utensils, scrape down the cooking elements and purchase the appropriate heating materials that make their meats and vegetables taste that much better. For some, the start of grilling season is more important than the Super Bowl and the premiere of The Walking Dead combined.Continue Reading

eBook Business: The (Almost) Free Ways to Publish Your eBook

The eBook industry is big these days. No, make that huge. Make that tremendously huge. In 2013 they made up $3 billion of all book sales and they continue to move forward, if not a bit slower, in 2014. What makes them attractive is their low price and portability on devices like the Nook or Kindle. In turn, this has caused an increase of writers who have embraced this form of books, flooding the market with a whole new generation of authors.Continue Reading

Furnishing Your Space: Inexpensive Ways to Make A Homey House

You’ve decided to move your young family from the cramped two-bedroom apartment you occupy to a more spacious home in the suburbs. Unlike your apartment, the home has a few more bedrooms, extra sitting space and more square footage overall. You sign the papers, get the key and walk into an empty and spacious home.Continue Reading

Get to Know Your Health Insurance Acronyms

Health insurance has been in the news since…well, since health insurance was introduced in the 1850s and greatly expanded after World War II. An affordable option in the past, today’s health insurance can cost people more than their mortgage on a monthly basis, especially for those with chronic afflictions. It became a major focal point when health care reform was approved a few years ago.Continue Reading

Travel Spending: Yet More Tips to Save Money on Vacation

We’re here again, the time of year people call vacation, holiday, or time off. Be it a few days or a few weeks, folks pack bags, stop the mail and head out on the road for a new adventure. Most of the times these quests are full of excitement and wonder. However, there are some vacations loaded down with dread and despair as funds for various accommodations and activities dwindle. This can cut a vacation short and make a young family quite miserable.Continue Reading

Your Financial Perseverance: How Bad Do You Want It?

Over the last year or so, we at Young Family Finance have provided you with tips and plans on how to make you and your young family as financially stable as possible. We’ve given advice on insurance, home shopping, car purchases, schooling and vacation planning. We told you where your money should be at this time and provided encouragement to reach your goals. You’ve read many of our articles, agreed with them and then went back to watching cat videos.Continue Reading