It’s Electric: Can an electric car actually save money?

As of this writing, many places across the U.S. are experiencing low gas prices not seen since before the Great Recession. A gallon of gas hovers between $2.15 and $2.50, and this makes for happier drivers. Throw in discounts from coupons or supermarket cards, and those with small-tank cars can fill up for around $25 or $30. A far cry from the $50 or $60 they paid at the same time last year.Continue Reading

How to Home School Your Children on a Budget

Today, more and more families are pulling their children out of the public school system and teaching them at home. Studies show that home schooling gives more attention to the children, allowing them to learn more things faster. You’ll find a lot of early-start and home-schoolers graduating before they’re allowed to drive. A lot of parent’s think that home schooling is too expensive or requires a lot of their time, but if you strategize correctly, both of these issues are non-existent.Continue Reading

Get the most out of a Las Vegas vacation

We’re about to state the obvious — Las Vegas is expensive. Be it the multi-star restaurants owned by television chefs, the amount of money spent in the casinos, or even a simple bottle of water from the Walgreens on The Strip, everything costs a bit more in Vegas than it does even in Henderson, the next town over. This means a vacation budget for a young family can exceed its value, especially if research is not done. We don’t want to see anyone’s vacation go sour, particularly if it’s part of a larger trip toward a destination like California or the Grand Canyon. To assist in keeping costs down, here are some tips to get the most out of a Last Vegas vacation.Continue Reading

5 of the Best Financial Apps

In this digital age, there are apps for everything. This makes it easier to manage your schedule, finances, and more. Today, we are discussing five of the best financial apps.Continue Reading

Financial Advice: Why You Should Listen to the Experts

Dave Ramsey and Suzie Orman. These are two names many young families hear over the course of time when dealing with their finances. Both are very well-known financial personalities who have their own shows and books. They also appear across the country numerous times a year to promote their financial strategies to get rid of debt and build wealth. Listen to them on a regular basis and their advice is straightforward without any gimmicks. In fact, many of the things we mention on this blog line up with what these and other public financial advisors say.Continue Reading

Is silver worth investing in?

These days, raising a family is quite costly. It’s important for families to have diverse financial portfolios so that profits from their investments can act as a second source of income, on top of their monthly salaries. Thus, if their finances permit, young parents should consider trading silver if possible.Continue Reading