5 Signs You Need to File Bankruptcy

When you are in deep financial trouble and don’t seem to have a way out, it may be time to consider filing for bankruptcy. Consider speaking with a financial advisor to get advice as to which method of bankruptcy is right for your unique situation. Keep in mind that filing for bankruptcy does not mean that you are going to lose everything. There are several options available that will allow you to keep your belongings including your home and vehicle.Continue Reading

Crowdfunding: Is it Right for You?

The Internet has done many things for society. In addition to allowing us to see cute pet videos and friends and families taking on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge it has also brought strangers from across the globe together is a large, virtual social gathering. We share opinions, photos, videos, various links of importance or inanity and, in some circumstances, money. In many cases this is done in the form of crowdfunding.Continue Reading

The (Almost) Free Way to Live

A well-worn phrase says that nothing in life is free. Taking this literary, even the air you and your young family breathe costs money. Of course, this is a bogus statement, because there are plenty of things out there that don’t cost any money. Or, to be more specific, may cost very little money for a bigger investment.Continue Reading

Should First Home Buyers Be Allowed to Use Their Super as a Deposit?

First home buyers are required to put a large sum of money down as a deposit on the purchase of a home. It can be difficult for people to save up this money. Some lenders allow buyers to use their superannuation as a deposit, but this technique has received criticism. There are advantages and disadvantages of using a super as a deposit that should explored.Continue Reading

Fossil, Hybrid or Electric: What Car is Right For Your Family

To quote Mr. Bob Dylan, the times, they are a changin’. The zero carbon movement is in full swing. People are switching to wind or solar for their electricity, recycling and composting their trash, walking or biking to their destinations and trying to live as environmentally conscious as they can. You and your young family are doing so as well…at least to the best of you ability. You eat fewer processed foods, bike to your destinations with your kids and keep the air conditioner at 78 degrees or higher. You think you’re doing well, except for the type of car you drive.Continue Reading

School Savings: The Inexpensive Way to Go Back to College

Let’s not sugarcoat it — college is expensive. The average cost of a public college education in 2013 averaged $23,000. Double that for a private university. And it gets worse. Students aren’t paying for these annual payments with cash. They’re utilizing student loans, putting them in debt even before they graduate and adding extra pressure to them to choose a proper career choice. Put it all together, America is facing a trillion dollar student loan crisis. And a good portion of those in debt are those who have decided to go back to college after staying away.Continue Reading